Egg Coffee Recipe Ultimate Guide About All types

Egg Coffee

For most people, egg coffee may be a new thing. Because they never know about its existence. But in reality egg coffee is a combination to create a new flavor. Here we discuss all facts about the particular kind of coffee which is prepared with egg. This information may help you to know about egg coffee.

Where Does Egg Coffee Originate?

Egg coffee was invented in 1946 in Hanoi, Vietnam. After the Indochina war, when there is a shortage of milk in Vietnam. This has become the necessity of time. Then a bartender whose name was Nguyen Van Giang originated a coffee drink. Which is prepared with whisked egg as a substitute for milk. He firstly makes it at Hanoi’s Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. Where he was worked as a bartender.

In a short time, this drink becomes more popular in Vietnam. Because hotel guests loved to drink it. Due to this reason, Giang left the hotel job and established his coffee shop. Which was known as café Giang. Then his three sons and one daughter carried three cafés in Hanoi. Now they run his business by serving original Vietnamese egg coffee with a delightful taste. The recipe of egg coffee spread gradually outside Vietnam. And within time, its whisking process is got easy by using blender in coffee shops.

Spread in Other States:

Soon the popularity of egg coffee spread in other states. When Sara Leveen and Ben Lowell visited Vietnam. Here they were fallen in love with each other. They made the restaurant and it considers the pinpointing place of their love. It was opened in the East village of Newyork. It is known as the Hanoi House. This place is the cause of shake-out egg coffee in other states.

Egg Coffee in Swedish:

It is another variant of egg coffee. This is also known as  Norwegian and Scandinavian egg coffee. Swedish egg coffee is different from other coffee because of its distinctive method. It makes by using an egg and also including its shell. This type of coffee takes the route from Sweden to America in the 1800s.

For to make egg coffee, the raw egg is mix in ground coffee, boil with water, filter it and pick up the cup to enjoy its amazing taste. Some people also like crushed eggshells but that is not necessarily it may be optional. It is a very easy method to make it and more popular one. This coffee is a loved one because it lacks bitterness and has a smooth, toasted cheese flavor aftertaste.

Putting Eggshell in Coffee:

Some types of coffee are acidic and bitter. The acidity increase the bitterness of coffee. Due to the alkaline nature of eggshells, its addition to acidic coffee reduces its bitter flavor. It can prove a beneficial aspect in recipes of coffee.

Vietnam Egg Coffee:

The Vietnam egg coffee is a combination of egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk cook it for 10 minutes until it gives creamy, and smoothy fluff. The silky egg cream on the top of the coffee is not sweeter. The condensed milk increases the caloric content of coffee. This provides protein, fat, and minerals like calcium and phosphorus to the bone.

This is such a good drink and gives a wonderful flavor to your taste buds which you can never forget. The other two delicious Vietnam egg coffees are Vietnam egg coffee and Vietnam Coconut coffee

Taste of Egg Coffee:

When you take a sip of egg coffee, you can feel the smell and flavor of eggs. The egg coffee is sweet, delightful, and richer in taste. You may serve it as creamy desert. The presence of egg draws out the bitterness of coffee. Which makes its taste super sweet with a velvety appearance. Because egg coffee has no acidity, so it is easy to drink.

Is Egg Coffee Good For Health?

Egg coffee may prove a healthy diet for anyone. Who wants to drink it in every morning. Because eggs provide proteins that improve your physical or mental performance. Egg coffee is the best nutritional source that gives you a boost in the whole day. It may helpful for reducing the risk of stomach, weight loss, and maintain the immune system.

Main Ingredients:

  • One Tablespoon of Vietnamese Coffee
  • 2 to 3 Tablespoon Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • One Tablespoon Sugar
  • 3 - 4 Cups of Boiling Water
  • 2 Eggs
  • Vietnamese Coffee Filter

Instructions For Making Egg Coffee:

  • Take eggs and mix them with coffee and cold water until you make a smooth texture.
  • Add egg- coffee ground mixture in the pot of boiling water and stew it for 4to5 minutes.
  • When your coffee has boiled then pour coffee on a Vietnamese filter.
  • These Vietnamese filters skim off any visible particles from coffee.
  • And it allows coffee to splash into the cup.
  • You may serve it either hot or iced.

Benefits of Egg Coffee:

When we are talking about egg coffee, it sounds very strange and like a jest. But now, it is becoming a unique drink and craze for many people. The causes behind its popularity are very good. Which is perfect for body health. Here we explain some benefits of egg coffee. And tell you about why it is the most particular and trendy drink.

Egg Coffee Has No Bitterness And is Rich in Proteins:

The taste of egg coffee is usually sweet. Because egg whites decrease their bitterness and provide proteins. This protein is good for bones as it gives strength to your muscles and makes bones more strong. It can keep you active and boost your metabolism. The rich amount of protein in egg coffee is beneficial for reducing blood pressure and appetite.

So those people who like to drink sweet and pleasant coffee. You should choose to drink. Because it increases your coffee taste with the flavor of egg.

Egg Coffee Can Keep You Frisky For Work:

According to a health specialist, the ingredients present in egg coffee can  keep you frisky during work for a long time. If you drink egg coffee in the morning, you can feel more energetic and stay active for long. So this drink may be a good initiate of your day. Because it is perfectly healthy and tasty coffee.

Egg Coffee Contain Micronutrients:

As we already discuss that eggs in coffee contain vitamins and minerals. Which are good for health. These micronutrients are important for energy production or growth. They also prevent your body from the risk of disease. They are necessary for repairing injury and any damage to muscle tissue. Because these are basic building blocks for the construction of tissues. This coffee is full of nutritional benefits.

Source of Gaining More Calories:

If you need to get calories so, egg coffee is the best beverage for this purpose. It consists of more calories which providing potential health benefits. Researchers reveal that women require almost 200 calories and men require 2500 calories per day. These calories are essential for survival. Egg coffee is the best source of calories that can keep your organ functioning properly without disturbance.

Best for weight loss:

The desire for weight loss can draw your attention toward egg coffee. Because studies show that it may help for weight loss. It contains calories and caffeine content. Both of them are important for this motive. Moreover, the presence of protein also supports fat burning. For this reason, you may say it unique and joyful drink. Which keeps you fit.