Hazelnut Iced Coffee Recipe

Before discussing hazelnut iced coffee, we will talk over presenting the iced coffee. When coffee serves together with ice is called cold coffee or iced coffee, you know. Serve it over ice, cold milk, and brew the cold coffee. You can add sugar and flavor. The sweeteners and flavors add to hot brewing coffee. Add them before the cooling of coffee.

For sweetener, iced coffee with pre-dissolved sugar in water can use. Generally, iced coffee has more strength than usual coffee. Different flavors and syrup make it more delicious and robust. In many flavors, hazelnut increases its taste. Hazelnut utilizes as syrup in coffee. It is the most favorite flavor in iced coffee.

Origin Of Hazelnut Coffee:

Firstly, Flavoring the coffee with hazelnut come from Alpine monks. They squashed the pieces of nuts. They added them into the coffee. All of these are used to flavor the coffee. More than 40% of nut trees are present in the U.S. In the modern era, people use the extract of hazelnuts. On all accounts of history also thanks to the people of Turkey for this tasty coffee. For making the part of our life.

Good For Health:

Hazelnuts have a beneficial effect on the health of people. Nuts contain many nutrients. These nutrients are vitamins, minerals, fats, and antioxidant compounds. All these are important to prevent different diseases. Helpful in regulating blood pressure, lowering blood fat level, and improving blood sugar level.

This coffee has a nutty and pretty spicy flavor and the sweet aroma of cinnamon. You will feel freshness after every sip. It has the perfect smooth flavor and to tickle your taste buds. But it does not have the overpowering flavor. Typically, the drink has an indulging quality. So this gives a clue to understanding the all-time high popularity.

Hazelnut can flavor your coffee both in hot and cold form. It gives the best flavor to the iced coffee. You know very well if you are a coffee lover. Its addition gives an innovative flavor to your basic iced coffee. Suppose you don’t try it. Our recipe provides you with a chance to taste it. You can easily make this at your already coffee setup because this drink has a shortlist of Ingredients.



Step 1: Brewing and Chilling

To ready the brewed coffee, use the cold brew maker and drip coffee maker. Suppose you have the cold-brewed coffee settings. Otherwise, you can use already brewed coffee and let it take into the refrigerator for chilling. After this, pour the chilled coffee into a tall glass.

Step 2: Add sugar and syrup

Secondly, pour one spoon of hazelnuts syrup into the glass. And a couple of sugar for the sweetness of the coffee. Stir it until the best mixing when all ingredients are properly mixed. Then drop ice cubes. No doubt These are more important for your iced coffee.

Step 3: Addition of milk

At last, pour the milk into the sweetened hazelnut syrup coffee. We use whole milk.

Milk is your choice. You can use every milk which you can prefer. Now enjoy this indulging cup of iced coffee.