Cuban Coffee Recipe

What is Cuban Coffee?

It is a type of espresso. The alternative name for Cuban Coffee is café Cubano, Cuban espresso, Cuban shot, Cafecito, and Cuban pull. The place of origin is Cuba. When Italian arrived in the country first, it mainly referred to an espresso shot. It is sugary, rich in taste, and delicious coffee. Traditionally, sweetness is due to brown sugar. Its name sometimes used for café con Leche. But café con Leche is an unsweetened coffee. It serves at breakfast together with butter Cuban toast.

On other Cuban Coffee is a beverage that you can serve after dinner. This drink also fulfillment the need for dessert. The unique technique requires to make it. The cream makes from sugar for this beverage, not milk. Not require an expensive espresso machine for its preparation. Commonly, Moka pot uses for this purpose. Cuban Coffee has 30 calories per shot. It will prove a lower-caloric choice if you take one or two drinks.

How It different From Other Drinks?

The dark roast look and strong taste make it different from other coffee drinks. The main difference is to use of demerara sugar. It is a primary type of brown sugar, not like any additional ordinary sugar. Demerara sugar also makes Cuban coffee slightly thicker.

It serves in small cups called “tacitas.” These cups are smaller than demitasse. Cuban thick brew only sweetened by sugar and frothy espuma.

Is Cuban Coffee Bitter?

Some people assume its tastes bitter. The reason for bitterness is over-extraction. The over-extracted coffee compound should not be drunk. Because When a shot of espresso extracts, water draws bitter mix from deep of the grounds

Cuban coffee can make with any espresso. But mainly, with those coffee beans which are grown in its country.

We will tell you an easy recipe. By following this, you can easily make this coffee at home.

Ingredients and Equipment:

  • Finely grounded espresso
  • 4 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • Whisk

The Recipe

Step 1: Brewing

Firstly, brew your coffee. Use espresso or Moka pot when the brewing process is complete. Take a small amount of coffee and pour it into the mixing cup. For to settle, put it aside. Then came back it later.

Step 2: Add sugar

After completing the first step, the next step is to add sugar into a mixing cup with a screamer of coffee. Whisk the sugar and brewed coffee together until the mixture turns light brown and foamy.

Step 3: Pouring

Take a mug. Pour the brewed coffee into the cup, which you set aside. Garnishing the top with sugar foam. Stir the mixture until the smoothness of blend. Now pick up the cup and enjoy this sweetened, delicious coffee. Yum!