20 Types Of Coffee Drinks Explained

Types of Coffee Drinks

There are different types of coffee. So it is difficult to find the best one. In every culture, coffee is considered a versatile drink. Here we discuss the list of important coffee drinks. And which one makes your morning happy. We will guide you clearly about their tastes, smells, and qualities.

Because you can be confused with the types of the coffee menu if you go to a coffee shop. In this guide, you will know, what to order next time.

If you are a true lover of coffee. You should know what’s kinds of coffee are available in every coffee shop. Take a close look at the name and description of coffee drinks. It will help the coffee lovers in selection.

Black Coffee:

Black coffee is simply brewed by a mixture of water or coffee. It can easily make without the addition of milk, sugar, cream, and added flavors. The taste of black coffee is usually bitter. Black coffee has many benefits such as improves your memory, helps with weight loss, prevents from cancer disease, etc.

Black coffee

We can make the creamy black coffee with the addition of milk, or cream. Which reduces its bitterness.


Espresso is a very popular type of coffee. This is very thick and strong enough. It is firstly originated in Italy. Espresso has more caffeine concentration. Because it is made by adding a small amount of boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans at high pressure.

Esspresso Coffee

Espresso is better for health. It can boost your memory, improve digestion, or reduce the risk of diseases.


Ristretto is a “short shot” of espresso coffee. Less hot water is used for its preparation. It is sweeter and more concentrated as compared to espresso. Its taste is less bitter with an oily shot of intense flavor. Ristretto has less caffeine and extraction time. It helps to maintain the immune system.


History shows that the name of Americano coffee comes from the U.S. in Italy. It is prepared by diluting a small shot of espresso into a hot cup of water. The strength and flavor of Americano vary according to the number of a shot of espresso and the amount of water.


The taste of Americano is more intense and creaminess than others. It can less sweet and much bitter in flavor.


Cappuccino is prepared by a combination of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. It was introduced by Italy. Cappuccino is made with low-fat milk but gives the basic amount of calories and protein. The concentration of caffeine is more in cappuccino when we use two shots of espresso.


Cappuccino has quite a sweetness in taste. Because chocolate powder, milk, and sugar are added to them. Daily use of Cappuccino drink can reduce stroke risk and prevent heart disease.


According to Italian, the word “Late’ means milk. That’s why Latte coffee contains the almost double amount of milk as compared to cappuccino. The use of natural flavored Lattes can make your skin fresh and shiny.

latte coffee

Foamed milk, steamed milk, and espresso coffee are the main ingredients of Latte coffee. Because of milk, its taste is creamy and delicious. It has a less strong espresso taste. We can be ordered it as a plain or with different flavors such as vanilla, caramel, almond, or hazelnut, etc.

Flat white:

A Flat white makes with steamed milk and microfoam. It is a milk-based coffee and consisting of espresso. Flat white is more concentrated than a cappuccino. This is a thick coffee with a sweet and velvety appearance. The coffee beans use for it firstly originated from Yemen. It is stronger in terms of caffeine.


The meaning of Doppio is double in Italy. So it needs double shots of espresso for the preparation of the drink. A double amount of ground is extracted through the large-sized portafilter. Fresh coffee beans are grounded for this purpose.It considers the standard of an espresso shot. Its taste is light and sweet as well. Doppio coffee is useful for weight loss.

Milk-Based Coffee:

In 1660, First-time Nieuhoff, a Dutch ambassador in china first added milk to his coffee. But Franz George kolschitzky made coffee with milk for his customers in 1684. Then it becomes popular. Milk-based coffee has lower acidity and caffeine concentration.

Milk base coffee

The addition of milk can provide a special taste and aroma in coffee. The use of milk in coffee may decline the risk of osteoporosis and make the bones more strong. Flat white, cappuccino, and Latte are the famous types of milk-based coffee.


Mocaccino, mochaccino and mochachino is also Mocha. The name “Mocha” has come from the city of Mocha and Yemen. These cities are the early trade center of coffee. The place of origin of this coffee in Italy.

Coffee Mocha

It is a chocolate flavor coffee serve commonly in a glass. The main ingredients are chocolate, espresso, and hot milk. The mocha coffee is usually stronger than a cappuccino. Mocha is a blend of a sweet and bitter taste. Due to the flavor of chocolate, Mocha can be your favorite drink.


In Italian history, the origin of Affogato is generally unknown. Therefore, It is popular in North America as a beverage. Affogato serves both in the form of dessert and beverages. This one is an Italian coffee dessert. The scoops of gelato or ice cream with a shot of hot espresso are also present in it.

affogato coffee

Therefore, Its main ingredients are espresso and ice cream. Moreover, The varieties in Affogato are due to the addition of a shot of amaretto, Bicerin, Kahlua, and liqueur.

Red Eye:

It’s a better choice for you if you want to awake a whole night during an airway flight. Because Red-eye also has one shot of espresso on the top. The varieties in Red eye coffee are due to Starbucks of espresso. The number of the espresso shot is the main reason for alternatives of Red eye such as Blackeye and dead eye.


Black Eye:

The black eye is a Drip coffee with 2 shots of espresso and cream. The caffeine presents more in it than red-eye. Certainly, the amount of caffeine varies according to the shot of espresso. Moreover, The 2 shots of espresso have made the coffee Black eye from red-eye.

Dead Eye:

Simply we can make Dead eye coffee by adding 3 shots of espresso in drip coffee. It is popular as green eye coffee. Red-eye is acidic, bitter, and smoky in taste. The smokiness depends on the type of roast.

Irish Coffee:

Irish coffee was first invented in Ireland. It is a hot, black, sugar, Irish whiskey coffee. The cream adds to the top. The presence of alcohol in Irish coffee will elevate your mood and give you a buzz. In the morning, it serves a caffeinated kick-start in restaurants and as a sweet drink after dinner.

irish coffee

It is not only good in taste but can also look like a beautiful, layered cocktail. Moreover, Brown sugar, syrup, molasses may sometimes use as a substitute for white sugar. But be careful, not to add too much molasses to coffee. Because it can make the coffee bitter.


It is a type of hot coffee that originated in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America as a Cortado coffee. As a beverage, Cortado contains espresso with an equal amount of milk to lower the acidity of espresso. Milk uses in steamed form, not in a frothy and texturized manner. The color of coffee is brown and white.

cartado coffee

The Cortado is the stronger coffee than flat white due to the use of the double amount of milk. As a result, formation from only two main ingredients makes it different from other types of coffee.

Types Of Cold Coffee:

In summer, cold coffee is a perfect source of refreshment than hot coffee. Moreover, ice can enhance the taste. That's why some peoples like to enjoy this cold coffee every season. Consequently, we will explain important types of best cold coffee. Which can help cold for coffee lovers.

Ice/Cold Coffee:

Cold coffee is a simple, easy, and quick way of energizing. The demand for cold coffee is very high in hot summer. The quantity of caffeine present in cold coffee helps stabilize the blood pressure. Its taste is more smother and sweet in a different flavor.

ice coffee

Cold Brew Coffee:

Today, it is the most popular drink. Because cold brew coffee has many qualities such as low acidity, less bitterness in taste, and decline the heart diseases. Moreover, Cold-brew takes a long time for preparation. Further, It has a large amount of caffeine. For this reason, cold brew coffee is stronger than iced coffee.

cold brew

Iced Espresso:

Iced espresso usually presents with cream, milk, and ice. It can freshen your morning on summer days. For Iced espresso, you need few hours for chilling the drink. It has a smooth and creamy taste.

ice esspresso

This drink will not become diluted. Iced Espresso cube is the basic ingredient for this drink. Americanos, mochas, lattes, and flat whites are espresso drinks.

Turkish Coffee:

Finely ground coffee with sugar required for Turkish coffee. Milk and cream do not add to it. However Turkish coffee always delivers with water. But some people serve it with chocolate and candy.

Turkish coffee

The benefits of Turkish coffee are anti-aging and reducing skin acne. It is an important part of Turkish weddings and culture. The use of fine grounds makes it concentrated and bitter.


Now it's up to you which drink you like the most. Because each drink has its own taste and properties. Moreover, all of this coffee has its own recipe. Our main purpose for providing this information is only that you can make a confident decision about their coffee order.