Does A Percolator Make Good Coffee?


When you think of an automatic coffee machine, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a percolator. It's a traditional way to make coffee, especially if you love a potent brew. They are quick to make and are perfect for the occasional drink. However, there is more to the Percolator than meets the eye.

For many years, the Percolator had been an essential part of the kitchen. But with the introduction of new devices and gadgets, Percolator lost its charm. Along with that, the taste of the coffee deteriorated. But, today, with the advancement in technology, the taste of percolator coffee is back. So, does a percolator make good coffee?

Here, we will try and understand the importance of a percolator, how it makes coffee and how the taste is different from that of other coffee.

What Is A Percolator?

A Percolator is a device that heats water through a tube and makes it possible to brew coffee. If your office has a Percolator, then feel free to use it! Its best part is that you don't need a particular machine to make good coffee. The Percolator does not make delicious quality coffee. People buy it because they think it makes a better taste than other makers.

How Does A Percolator Work?

Working of Percolator

A percolator coffee maker works by using a coiled tube, also called a "perk tube," which contains coffee grounds above a water reservoir. When you put a coffee in a percolator, the hot water gets poured over the coffee. The coffee extracts flavor from the water and dissolves it. The taste is rich and aromatic.

During this process, the bubbles get trapped on the surface of the coffee. This process ensures that the whole coffee permeates with the same flavor. The permeation of the flavor into the coffee can help by the water movement in the Percolator. The entire diffusion and movement of water through the coffee has helped create the perfect brew!

Problems Associated With Percolated Coffee:

The very first problem is the per cup brewing time. You won't get your coffee ready in a matter of minutes.

Second, the Percolator is a device that has a traditional design. You can't twist it. It's only suitable for making coffee and nothing else. So if you have a percolator, you cannot prepare other things like your morning tea or hot chocolate.

Third, the Percolator is a single-use device. You cannot re-use it. So it will stay in your kitchen cupboard unused until you throw it out.

Fourth, Percolation is a hot topic in the coffee industry. It makes a cup of coffee taste bitter and watery and sometimes even tastes terrible.

In brief, the Percolator is a suitable device that you can use to brew coffee. But it has its drawbacks too. I will recommend you to use the Percolator only when you are in the mood for coffee.

Good Coffee With Percolator:

Good coffee with percolator

The best way to make good coffee is with a percolator. The Percolator is a device that allows the user to heat water and steam in the same pot. This way, you can make fantastic coffee using this machine.

If you know how to operate a percolator and follow these steps, you can make great coffee.

1. Grind your whole beans and use  about 24g of coffee for every 600g of water.

2. Make sure you use cold water and grind your beans at least 24 hours before brewing. Leave your coffee to de-gas for 6 hours. Remember, the freshly roasted coffee beans contain unwanted carbon dioxide and ammonia.

3. Next, put the coffee and water in the Percolator and heat the water to boiling point.

4. As the water boils, the pipe will rise and drip down onto the coffee. After 2 minutes, remove the Percolator from the heat.

5. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy it while it's hot. Once the coffee reaches completion, could you leave it to cool down? Coffee made and served at around 65 degrees C or 149 degrees F. The coffee will taste best when it has cooled to between 45 and 50 degrees C or 113 and 122 degrees F.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is A Percolator Just For Brewing?

A percolator is a device that heats water to boil it. As a result, the water's temperature increases, and it will then rise to the boiling point. In other words, the water forms bubbles at an increasing rate as its temperature increases. While boiling, these bubbles create an explosion of foam. This explosion of foam is what gives a percolator its name "percolates" or "explosive."

Percolator is a coffee maker designed to keep your coffee warm for several hours. However, it is also a marketing tool that makes it.

What Is The Difference Between A Percolator And Drip Coffee Maker?

A percolator uses boiling water to brew the coffee. The Percolator has a metal stem and basket which holds the ground coffee. The metal stem fills with water heated on the stove or in an electric percolator. When the water boils, the pot removes from the heat. Then the metal stem can place on top of the coffee grounds in the basket.

The percolator basket is placed on the pot and covers the metal stem. As the water passes through the tube in the stem, it drips through the grounds into the carafe below. This process happens repeatedly, and you will have fresh hot coffee in a short time.

A drip coffee maker has a filter basket where you place the ground coffee. Pour hot water over the coffee grinds to wet them, then let the coffee drip into a carafe below. It takes longer but gives you a richer cup of coffee.

Who Should Use A Percolator, And Who Should Not?

A percolator is the best option for people who want to drink the freshest coffee. A percolator is a kind of coffee maker which allows the coffee ground constantly and slowly percolated while coming into contact with the boiling water. Unlike the fast drip coffee makers, the percolators are slow, which makes the percolators ideal for people who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing cup of coffee instead of a quick and fast hit.

You should NOT use a percolator if you do not know how to operate it because it is more challenging to use Percolator than traditional coffee-makers. It can be hard to clean up.


Percolators can be good for making coffee, as long as they make it correctly. A common problem with percolators is that they can overheat the coffee and make it taste burnt, or they cannot correctly brew the coffee, and it ends up tasting weak. If you want to make a good cup of coffee with a percolator, you should brew the coffee at a low temperature and make sure that the coffee grounds are thin so that the water can filter through the settings to make a solid and flavorful cup of coffee.

We hope and believe you found this article about coffee percolators interesting. We hope you enjoyed reading about coffee percolators. If you have any questions about coffee percolators or coffee in general, please reach out to us. Thank you for reading!