What Is Kopi Luwak? The Complete Story Of Cat Poop Coffee

Coffee can also come from the poop of the civet-like cat. This poop is the civet cat's poop. In original terms, it is as Kopi luwak. It is the most expensive and famous coffee because of its distinctive method of forming it. Civet cat eats coffee cherries partially digest this fruity pulp, and excrete them in coffee beans. Coffee cherries pass through the intestine of the civet cat under the process of fermentation. It is excreted with other fecal matter and collected after excretion.


Kopi luwak is an Indonesian civet coffee. This first-come from Indonesia, then found throughout South and Southeast Asia. In the early 1700s, Indonesian farmers worked on Dutch coffee plantations. They first discovered it. At those times, people were not allowed to pick coffee beans directly. They use different ways; the one is by selecting them out of cat droppings.


In Indonesia, Asian palm civets are increasing the growth of the Kopi luwak industry. It plays a role as a pest to attack commercial fruit farms. As the fermentation process, when coffee beans pass through the digestive tract of the civet, the present enzyme changes the structure of the protein, diminishes its acidity, and covers it into the smoother form of coffee.

Civet Coffee In The Philippines:

The presence of civet cats in the Philippines proves beneficial for making this unique coffee. In the Philippines, civet cat poop droppings are adjacent from Luzon to Mindanao. Four varieties of coffee are Arabica, Liberica, Robust, and Exela. Arabica is known as highland coffee.

Steps of Formation: 

We will explain some steps through this civet coffee come in between us.

1. Eating the Rippest Cherries:

This step we have already explained. Civet cat eats sweet and rippest cherries. By eating these beans, it plays a significant role. Civet cat has some natural enzymes in the stomach.

Eating the ripe cheries

These enzymes make the civet coffee less acidic and bitter. They remove some caffeine from coffee beans. Furthermore, Protein levels in civet cat coffee beans are also lower to make them smooth in taste with a great aroma.

2. Pick the Droppings:

After eating the cherries, the civet cat partially digested and defecated these beans. Farmers and coffee pickers pick the civet cat droppings. Civet cats mostly live in dark forests. Farmers are considered high mountain places for picking the droppings of the civet cat.

Farmers do this job mostly at 5 am when the weather is clear and clean. One person can gather 5 kilograms of civet coffee. It appreciated labor that works on background plays an exclusive role in making it the world's expensive coffee.

3. Wash and Sun-dried:

After picking the droppings, the next step is to separate the fecal matter from coffee beans. For this purpose, all gathering civet feces wash with clean water.

When all fecal matter removes, beans dry in the sun's light. The drying process is necessary to make perfect beans without any moisture.

4. Sorting:

When the washing and the dried process are complete, the next step is to sort and arrange the beans. The sorting do manually. They ensure the guarantee of coffee beans according to Appearance and taste. When sorting is complete, beans are de-hulled. The beans are now ready to separate from unripe and damaged cherries.

Sorting cat poop coffee


When beans separate from low-quality and damaged beans, the next step is to roast them. Roasting is essential to make coffee fresh and enhance its taste. It also improves the antioxidant content of coffee.


In this step, civet coffee beans pass through the process of brewing. Some machines are used for this job and also done manually. Don't use the wrong method. Always try the best and prescribed way.


We can drink civet coffee in different and reliable ways.

The drinker must choose the most tasteful way. We recommend that we always drink the civet coffee without sugar, milk, and creamer. It will give you a better taste experience than any other.

Taste of Civet Cat Coffee:

When you hear and read about the Kopi luwak, the main question that arises in your mind is, what does it?

It has a flavor term of earthy and musty with natural hints of chocolate and caramel. The variation may occur in taste by adding milk, cream, and sugar.

Health Benefits of Civet Cat Poop Coffee:

Like any form of coffee, Civet cat poop coffee, known as kopi luwak, also benefits health.

Benefits of cat poop coffee

Protection from Cancer: 

It protects individuals from Cancer, mainly from colon cancer. It increases body immunity against such chronic diseases.

Reduce Acidity:

Kopi luwak resolves the stomach issue more than other coffee. It does not cause acidity because of the presence of caffeine.

Guard from Mental Diseases:

It saves people from mental diseases such as dementia and cognitive decline later in life. Both disorders are more critical. Dementia is a complete memory loss.

Make Teeth Strong And Protect From Infections:

Civet coffee has an antibacterial property. So it protects the teeth from any infection of bacteria. It strengthens your teeth because of some routine staining than other everyday coffee.

Psychological Benefits:

It also has some psychological benefits. Caffeine improves your mood and boosts up the energy level. It has a successful effect on brain growth. In some individuals, this effect can last for weeks.

Helpful In Reducing Migraine:

Kopi luwak also has a sufficient amount of caffeine. Caffeine has the vasoconstriction effect, which can help to reduce migraine and any other headache. It also has a low acidity level, producing relief from migraine, unlike regular coffee.

More Antioxidants than Acai Berries:

Acai berries are grape-like fruit present mainly in the rainforest of South America. But Kopi luwak has more antioxidants than Acai berries. The antioxidant helps provide prevention from Cancer and heart diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Liver Diseases:

According to 22-year research in Oakland, California, the persons who take at least one cup of coffee daily, the chances of liver cirrhosis are less than those who were not drinking coffee.

Why is it most expensive?

Kopi luwak is well-known coffee all the world. It can also produce from the Indonesian cat-like animal called the civet cat. When it digested the coffee beans, the feces of this cat passed through many processes. Because of the unique method of preparation, its price is very high. There are many reasons which make it most expensive.

Most Expensive Coffee

Needs of Labors

A large number of laborers are required to produce kopi luwak coffee. They farmed and helped in the cultivation periods because it was difficult to harvest without labor. The needs of these laborers contribute to its high price.

Small Production

Naturally, we get small production of kopi luwak coffee Because it is not easy to harvest it. Firstly, the Civet cat need which eats some coffee beans, digest them and remove acidity. Secondly, it pooped out and then carried it for preparation. After several processes, a unique coffee with a strong aroma and fantastic taste is ready. In consequence, its demand is very high.

Superior Qualities

Kopi Luwak is unique from all types of coffee. Its uniqueness is that this coffee has superior qualities because it makes from premium beans collected after many uncommon methods.

Different Authentic Flavored Coffee Beans

After eating the coffee beans, fermentation also happens in the stomach of kopi luwak and removes the acidity. So when we get the digested coffee beans of this cat. It has a different authentic flavor than other coffee. That's why its cost is very high.


In the end, we can say that Kopi Luwak is the world's best coffee. The reason behind this, it is a digestible coffee, less acidic, has a unique flavor. Its roasting, brewing method, and 100% hygienic condition make it popular and expensive. Moreover, kopi luwak coffee is good if any person suffers from margarine and another headache. It protects you from stomach issues.