Iced Latte Recipe

What Is An Iced Latte?

Iced latte is a simple drink. It is effortless to make at home. When milk mixes into espresso with ice, it directly converts into milk coffee. This coffee was firstly created in Italy. Then it became very famous as a simple but delicious coffee all across the country.

This drink has a high concentration of caffeine. Because in the iced latte, we use espresso. Which contains more caffeine than other coffee, But it can give you more calories due to milk. So those people who want to get more calories. It is the best source for them.

Moreover, you feel more tired and lazy on hot summer days. Then iced latte may refresh your morning. And you can feel nice & chill even on summer days.


Most people make an iced latte with steamed milk. Because they think that steamed milk gives a smooth and creamy look to the drink, it looks pretty. But on the others hand, for an iced latte, we don’t need to froth the milk because it can melt your ice or produce bacteria. When it mixes with ice, that’s why you should use cold milk for making a latte.

Now, we will explain the easy and simple recipe for a latte. That you can make and enjoy at any time of the hot summer days.


  • Fat full milk
  • 2-3 tablespoons ground espresso shots
  • Ice cubes for serving
  • 2 tablespoon sugar or flavor syrup (to taste)


Guided Steps:

1. Take Round Espresso Shots To Brew Your Coffee

It is your choice whether you use strong coffee or espresso. But if you have a few good shots of espresso. Then you can make a straightforward but delicious coffee. So, firstly take ground espresso shots.

2. Pour The Cold Milk Into The Glass

Now, you have a glass of cold milk. So pour cold milk into the mirror and add two tablespoons of sugar. Mix it well. Later you run the shots over that.

3. Add Up The Espresso Over The Milk

It is time when you get the right shots of espresso, which looks very good. Just pour it over the milk. Stir or swirl this beverage for a pleasant taste.

4. Add The Ice Cubes And Enjoy

After that, add the desired amount of ice cubes to the glass. Now your coffee is ready to drink. Pour some flavored syrup if you like. And enjoy its pretty look and perfect taste.