What Is Flat White?

Suppose you are a coffee devotee like us and want to change and make spunky your coffee game. In this case, no drink is more than the Flat white. If you have not experienced this splendid drink, we provide everything you need to know.

It is like a coffee drink, consisting of espresso with microfoam. Steamed milk with tiny, fine bubbles and velvety consistency is microfoam. This milk permeates with air. So give the silky texture to milk with tiny air bubbles. The amount of coffee is more comparable to milk because it dominates the taste of espresso. Flat white has tiny amount of microfoam than latte and cappuccino.

Where Did It Come From?

This coffee drink has roots both in Australia and New Zealand. .Moors Espresso Bars is a coffee shop in Sydney. In 1985s, Who added flat white officially and permanently to their menu.

Manner Of Serving:

Flat white serves in a ceramic cup with a saucer. The blending of espresso with microcosm is generally referred to as meniscus. This blending genuinely is the main character and makes it more enjoyable.

Flat White vs. Cortado And Cappuccino:

This drink has kept many similarities with other coffee drinks. But now clear out all your confusion related to flat white and its similar beverages. Some people can not distinguish between the Cortado and Flat white coffee because of espresso and milk.

But the difference is, the Cortado is only made up of steamed milk with no frothy or foamy texture. On the other side, because flat white has microfoam. So it is more velvety in texture than Cortado.

Like Flat white, Cappuccino is also made with espresso and milk foam. But the quantity of milk foam presents more in it.


For to make this smooth and silkier drink. You will need these things.

  • Espresso machine
  • A 6-ounce cup to brew coffee
  • Milk and milk frother
  • A grinder for espresso brewing

Method Of Making Flat White:

Step 1: Ready Espresso And Milk

You can quickly go through this whole process. We will take you through that step-by-step process if you have no pre-ground coffee. Now you need to grind espresso beans through an espresso machine. I use a single shot. It's about 160 to 180 ml for a small cup. And this usually is take a double shot. It is about 300 to 350 for a large cup. Then prep the 4 ounces of milk for steaming.

Step 2: Espresso Brewing

You can grind the beans directly into your portafilter and then pass them through an extraction process. Use a single shot for a small cup and a double shot for a large cup.

Step 3: Steam Your Milk

The next step is steaming the milk of a flat white has the slimmest to microphone texture you add just enough air that you are folding the milk but not so much air with your intent to froth it the exact timing varies with the amount of milk and the machine steam one that you are using. Still, you usually only want a few seconds of that kissing sound.

Step 4: Pouring

When brewing espresso is ready. Pour the steamed milk into your cup. Now you are good to go. Milky foam about 5mm makes the lovely texture on the mug. Delicious flat white is ready to enjoy.