What’s Incredible About Air Roasted Coffee?

Do you like coffee? We are big fans of air-roasted coffee. It's a unique way to enjoy coffee without all the bitterness.

In this blog post, we're excited to bring you our latest innovation in coffee roasting - air-roasted coffee. This new roasting method brings out the best flavors in the beans, resulting in a cup of coffee that is truly unique. Air roasted coffee has a lighter body and a brighter flavor than coffee roasted in a traditional drum roaster. It is also less acidic, so it may be easier on your stomach if you're sensitive to acidity.

What Is Air-roasted Coffee?

The process of air roasting coffee has been around for centuries, but it has only recently become popular in the specialty coffee industry. Air roasted coffee is a newer roasting method that produces a more evenly roasted bean with better flavor. The beans are roasted in a chamber where hot air is circulated them. This method preserves the bean's natural flavor better than other methods.

We believe that air-roasted coffee is the future of coffee roasting. We will share with you why we think air-roasted coffee is the best.

Benefits Of Air Roasting Coffee:

1. Smoother:

Air roasted coffee is smoother and less bitter than other types of coffee. The beans are roasted in a special chamber, exposed to hot air rather than direct contact with flames.

2. More flavorful:

Air roasted coffee beans are more flavorful because they are roasted at a lower temperature. It permits the beans to retain more of their natural oils and flavors.

3. Healthier:

Air roasted coffee is also healthier because it is lower in acidity than other types of coffee. It makes it easier on your stomach and less likely to cause heartburn.

Benefits of air roasted coffee

4. More Even Roast:

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of air-roasted coffee is that it results in a more even roast. That's why the hot air circulates the beans more evenly, resulting in a more consistent roast.

5. Less Bitter:

Air roasted coffee is less bitter. The beans are not reveal to high heat for as long, preventing them from becoming overcooked and bitter.

6. Gentle Process:

Air roasted coffee is a gentler process that preserves coffee beans' delicate flavors and aromas. It helps to preserve the natural flavors of the beans. When you roast coffee in a traditional oven, the beans can lose some of their natural flavors, but when you air roast coffee, the beans retain all of their natural flavors.

Difference Between Air-roasted And Drum-Roasted Coffee:

The flavor is the most obvious difference. Air roasted coffee is said to have a more complex flavor, with a wider range of tasting notes. Drum roasted coffee tends to be more uniform in flavor, with fewer tasting notes. Another difference is that air-roasted coffee is less likely to produce the "bitter" flavors that some people don't like. 

Because the beans are roasted more evenly, fewer areas can become over-roasted and produce those bitter flavors. If you're looking for a more complex flavor in your coffee or are just curious about trying something new, air-roasted coffee is worth a try. Be sure to buy roasted beans using the air roast method so that you can taste the difference.

How To Make Air Roasted Coffee?

There are many ways to make air-roasted coffee, but the most popular method is using a coffee maker designed for this type of coffee. When you don't have a coffee maker designed for air roasting, you can still make this type of coffee by using a regular coffee maker.

how to make air roasted coffee

Just be sure to use a slightly higher setting on your coffee maker so that the hot air can circulate to the beans. As your coffee maker is set up, all you need to do is add the coffee beans and let the machine do its job. The coffee maker will typically roast the beans for about 15 minutes. But it will depend mostly on the type of bean and the roast you are looking for.

After roasting the beans, you can grind them and brew them according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Some Tips For Air-roasted Coffee?

Air Roasting is a method of roasting coffee while it's still in its green stage. The beans are dried in a manner that exposes them to low heat and high airflow. The heat is derived from hot air rather than fire, giving the beans a more even roast. The beans then begin to expose their interior sugars, which are caramelized while drying.

Is Air-roasted Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, Air roasted coffee is good for weight loss; it is one of the best lean mass enhancers. It will speed up the metabolism, which will speed up the fat-burning process. But not all roasted coffee is the same. Buy one from a trusted brand and select a dark roast; it will be better than a medium or light roast.

How Much Caffeine Is In Air-roasted Coffee?

Air roasted coffee contains 30% less caffeine than coffee roasted by traditional methods. While this is true, you must also remember that:

  •  Air-roasted coffee is less bitter
  • Air-roasted coffee is less acidic, making it easier on your stomach
  • Air-roasted coffee has more flavor
  • Air-roasted coffee is more natural, making it the healthiest way to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee.


Air roasting is much more natural, retaining coffee beans' natural characteristics and flavor. Burning coffee beans has no risk, which can easily happen with other roasting methods. There is no tainting of taste in air-roasted coffee, unlike other methods. It also gives a nice smooth texture to the coffee by removing the skin and moisture from it.